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Pigeon pair origin

Eye theory, or 'eye-sign' theory is one of the most divisive issues amongst the racing pigeon fraternity. Some top fanciers maintain however, that the secret to selecting top racing pigeons lies in the eyes. Heidi, a magnificent pigeon descended from the famous Kaasboer lineage in Belgium, is one of the finest racing hens and quality stock.

Joined Mar 12, 2008. 4,088 Posts. #7 · Aug 26, 2010. I would suggest that next time he/she comes in, please do NOT put her outside again. Clearly she/he is used to humans, so not acclimated to the dangers of the Feral world. Keep him in, and then work on researching some places you can bring him to find a new home.

Wood pigeons are common throughout the UK and Central and Western Europe. These highly intelligent birds are not to be confused with feral pigeons - they're their own species Columba palumbus, from the large Columbidae family of pigeons and doves. As one of the UK's most common garden birds, many people will 'likely have seen a Wood pigeon nest.

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Pigeon Breeding - Correct Line Breeding, Fixing Champion Blood. The young fancier and perhaps the old fancier, too, may desire a little knowledge upon the important subject of pigeon breeding, in particular line breeding, or, in any case, a system by means of which they can establish a line of speedy birds, likely to win in the best of company.

Define pigeon-livered. Pigeon-livered as a adjective means Meek or gentle.. Dictionary Thesaurus Sentences Examples Knowledge Grammar; Biography; Abbreviations; Reference; Education; Spanish; More About Us ... pigeon-loft; pigeon-pair; pigeon-pea; pigeon-post; pigeon-racing;.

Pigeon pair. Posted by Greenspark on August 20, 2007. Anyone know the origin of the phrase "pigeon pair"? People said this to me when I had my second child, a girl, with my first child being a boy. It was said I now have a "pigeon pair". Pigeon pair Smokey Stover 20/August/07.

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